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Last month we made a trip down to Naples for a long weekend. Traveling with an 18 month old is definitely a challenge, but totally worth it to get some sunshine and see the ocean. I spent a good part of our trip chasing this little guy around trying to get him to just look at the camera and smile. And then I gave up and decided to photograph him as he is. He is wild, independent and my little explorer. We joke that his mantra is “I do what I want!” I’ve been thinking about photographing kids a lot these days – what is important, and what you want to remember as they grow. I love a photo with a smiling kid looking straight at the camera – but I’m realizing now that I have a child of my own – that doesn’t always capture their personality at that point in time. When I look back at these I’ll remember Liam’s independent (and a bit stubborn) little spirit. I think that is the true point of a photograph. To not only capture a moment in time, but also that feeling you got when you were there with him.

2015-04-10_0002 2015-04-10_0003 2015-04-10_0004 2015-04-10_0005