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you are one.



Liam Jacob. You are ONE! How the time flies. You are my little miracle, in so many ways. You’re a fighter. You fought to be here and you are so very strong. We had a rough time bringing you into this world, but I have no doubt that you wanted to be here. You came into our lives for a reason. I’m so proud to be your Mama.


Your favorite things are:

Teddy (your puppy)


Your tiger Lovey

This Song

You love to:

Bark and growl like a puppy

Climb the stairs (even though mama says NO)

Chase Teddy



Play with your big cousins

You are:

Taking a few steps on your own

Saying lots of new words (dog, mama, dada, WHOA!, nope)

Getting more teeth (I swear you have a new one every day)

This year with you has been truly magical. Watching you grow into a “big boy” has been the best gift I could ever have. You are so funny and smart (and you know it!) but you have a kindness about you that I absolutely love. You are full of so much joy. I love it when you give me snuggles, sing me songs, and when you laugh at my silly faces. I never knew being a mama could be so much fun.

I keep listening to this song on repeat. And getting a little (a lot) teary eyed.





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4 years.

FILM, Inspiration

Today marks our 4th wedding anniversary. 4 years isn’t exactly your typical anniversary milestone… (I think the 4 year gift is “fruit,” so really nothing particularly special) For us, this past year has brought about so many unexpected twists and turns. We’ve experienced so much love and loss this year – more than I ever could have expected. At times my heart has been so full, and at other times it has felt so lost. But through the good and the bad, I have had my best friend by my side, supporting me and holding my hand when the times have been tough. When you commit to “for better or for worse” the latter seems pretty impossible to imagine. I’ll admit at the time of our wedding those were just words to me. But now, after this year, they mean so much more. We have truly been through some of the best moments, and some of the most heartbreaking. I believe we have become so much stronger together because of it all. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing man to spend my life with, and to be by my side through the good and the bad. Your the best husband and “dada” ever. I love you forever Tim!


Thanks to Tara McMullen for taking this gorgeous photo of our little family in Palm Springs last March.


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